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3.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill Under Desk 2.25HP Wide Walking Running Machine

3.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill Under Desk 2.25HP Wide Walking Running Machine
3.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill Under Desk 2.25HP Wide Walking Running Machine
3.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill Under Desk 2.25HP Wide Walking Running Machine
3.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill Under Desk 2.25HP Wide Walking Running Machine
3.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill Under Desk 2.25HP Wide Walking Running Machine
3.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill Under Desk 2.25HP Wide Walking Running Machine

3.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill Under Desk 2.25HP Wide Walking Running Machine

Folding Treadmill Electric Running Walking Jogging Machine for Home/Office Use. 1# 2.25HP Black/Sliver (2-IN-1). The Latest SYTIRY Two-in-One Treadmill (2021 Model). Exquisite Steel Frame and Multi-Level Shock Absorption System: The thick steel frame can bear 265LBS, and the shock absorption system protects the joints in motion. 5-Inch HD LED Display : it can display exercise data in real time, and you can also put your smartphone/tablet on the card slot.

2.25HP Ultra-Quiet Motor: The Motor provides 0.5-6.5MHP speed adjustment to meet your sports needs. Heart Rate Sensor and Security Key: monitor sports data while running.

Semi-Automatic Lubrication Setting unique lubrication hole is easy to lubricate. 95% pre-assembled and multifunctional transport wheels are convenient. Infrared remote control: automatic control, more intelligent. Before starting the treadmill, please install the safety lock, otherwise it cannot be started.

For the sake of logistics safety, the remote control battery cannot be wrapped in the treadmill. We are very sorry for that. Innovation model: two in one. The speed of the treadmill in walking mode is from 0.5MHP to 4MHP, and the speed of the treadmill in running mode can be adjusted from 0.5MHP to 6.5MHP, which can meet the sports needs of the family and easily get a good body.

Desktop treadmill under the table. You can use the remote control to adjust the running speed, so you can exercise while working, or run while watching the video to experience the joy of life. 1x 2-in-1 Treadmill with LCD Display.

Max user weight: 120 kg/265 lbs. Put Handrail Up Speed: 0.5-6.5 mph. Folded Dimensions L x W x H: 4.5 x 24.8 x 53.7 in.

Assembled Dimensions L x W x H: 51.9 x 24.8 x 42.1 in. Screen Display: Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie.

7x 24 online service 1 year motor frame replacement 1 year parts replacement 1x Operating Manual 1x Lubricant. Intelligent remote control is convenient for adjusting the speed of the treadmill or stopping at any time.

The LCD display tracks your exercise data in real time, including time, distance, calories, speed, etc. When exercising on a treadmill, the Bluetooth fidelity speaker can meet your needs for a musical treadmill, and you can play soothing music to motivate yourself to achieve higher exercise goals. The upgraded 7-layer buffer running belt in 2021 will provide you with enough cushioning to protect your knees, waist, ankles and other joints from injury while running.

Unlike other two-in-one treadmills, the 4416 inch running belt is wider than the running belt of the same type of treadmill on the market, providing more space for exercise. Speed: Running Mode: 0.6-7.5mph, Walking Mode: 0.6-4mph. Modes: 2 Modes(Running Mode and Walking Mode). Total Size: 22x51.2x38.6inch. 2 in 1 Folding Design: This 2-in-1 treadmill has 2 modes to meet your different sports needs. It can be used as a under walking mode at a speed of 0.6-4km/h, and the running speed is 0.6-7.5km/h and you can run to reach your fitness goal.

Super Quiet: Choose speeds ranging between 0.4-7.5 mph and enjoy an effective full-body workout at home. The 2.0hp motor ensures the under desk treadmill operates quietly, meaning you won't disturb others. Comfortable Running: Equipped with an advanced shock-absorbing system and deck cushioning mechanism, electric treadmill effectively absorbs impacts and protects your knees, offering you a comfortable running experience.

Sturdy and Safe: Featuring anti-skid rubber surface, 16x44inch running belt and shock-absorbers for springy feeling, our treadmill is comfortable to use and holds up to 265lbs. LCD Display: Track time, distance, speed, heart rate and calories burned on the LCD screen. Note: Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. 2# 3.0HP Blue/Sliver (2-IN-1). You can operate the running machine using physical buttons that are within easy reach, or a specially-developed wrist-mounted remote control. Lubricant is provided free of charge to help you maintain the folding electric treadmill. Applying a small amount once per month is enough.

The emergency-stop band and detachable handrails give you extra safety and comfort. The 40" x 16" tread belt is shock-absorbant and uses a high-density material, making your running comfortable and protecting your knees. Track time, distance, speed, heart rate and pulse on the LCD screen. 2-in-1 & Dual-control: Place the folding treadmill under your desk and enjoy a walk as you work. The machine can also serve as a regular treadmill for running by raising the handrail.

In addition to using the buttons on the equipment, you can also control your workout using the watch remote control. LCD Display & APP & Installation-Free: Track time, distance, speed, heart rate and calories burned on the LCD screen. The fitness App integration means you can stay entertained during long workouts. The emergency-stop system means you can enjoy high speeds with peace of mind; No assembly required. Comfortable Running: Equipped with an advanced shock-absorbing system, deck cushioning mechanism and 5-layer compressed tread belt, our motorized electric treadmill effectively absorbs impacts and protects your knees, offering you a comfortable running experience. Super Quiet: Choose from 12 preset programs with speeds ranging between 0.5 7.5 mph and enjoy an effective full-body workout at home.

The 3.0hp motor ensures the under desk treadmill operates quietly, meaning you won't disturb others. Sturdy & Portable: This ANCHEER running machine has a solid steel frame with a weight capacity of 265 lbs; Compact Foldable design with wheels makes it easy to store and move around.

All our 2 in 1 folding treadmills are quality-assured and we offer full product protection for a whole year. Peak Motor Power: 3.0hp. Running Area Size: 40" x 16". Dimensions: 50" x 27" x 42. Speed: 0.5 7.5 mph.

3# 3.25HP Gray (7-IN-1). MULTI-FUNCTION MODE & COMFORT TRAINING The 2021 latest SYTIRY multi-function treadmill, equipped with multi-function massage head, can be used for running, waist massage, leg training and sit-ups and other exercise modes, exercise 85% of the body muscles, and comfortable The belt can protect the exercised joints from injury. SYTIRY makes exercise full of various possibilities and allows you to experience the fun of exercise. HD- LCD DISPLAY & HEART RATE SENSOR The treadmill is equipped with an intelligent data monitoring system, which monitors your exercise data including time, speed, exercise distance, etc.

You can of course set your own exercise plan, and the heart rate sensor can convey your information in time The exercise heart rate is displayed on the LCD screen, allowing you to understand your exercise situation at a glance, exercise scientifically and enjoy a healthy life. PRIVATE CUSTOMIZED EXERCISE & HYDRAULIC FOLDING SYSTEM The treadmill has built-in 12 preset programs to meet your exercise needs. You can customize the exclusive exercise plan through the treadmills own program. The hydraulic folding system avoids violent impact and damage to the floor.

3.25HP&ANTI-SLIP RUNNING BELT & SHOCK ABSORPTION SYSTEM The 3.25Hp powerful motor provides powerful power. The speed can be adjusted from 0.5MHP to 9MHP. At the same time, a 44-inch by 16-inch running belt can provide enough space and 300 pounds of weight.

The 7-layer grass running belt provides you with a strong cushioning effect, protects your knees, ankles, waist and neck joints, making your exercise safer and more comfortable. ERGONOMIC DESIGN & WORRY-FREE AFTER-SALES SERVICE The ergonomic mechanical structure, side anti-skid edge strips and L-shaped stable body make your exercise safer. The magnetic safety lock can stop your movement at any time. The treadmill has passed SGS's CE, ROHS, CB, FCC certification, the motor and frame will provide a one-year quality assurance, and provide 12 months of free replacement parts service.

Are you hesitating which treadmill to choose? Are you still struggling with the high cost of the gym? The Latest SYTIRY Multifunctional Folding Treadmill in 2021: multifunctional massage (waist, leg, neck exercise), two manual tilt modes, 12 program modes, custom program training, 3.25HP powerful motor, 0.5-9.0HP Speed adjustment, 44" 16" ultra-wide running belt, Bluetooth fidelity audio. All the above functions are available and can meet all the needs of the smart folding treadmill. Adjust the tilt angle, you can experience the fun of walking, running, climbing and other different sports, so your exercise will not be boring!

SYTIRY multifunctional treadmill adds joint massage function to relieve waist, leg, and neck fatigue, which can meet your various sports needs! During the exercise, you can connect to the treadmill through your own Bluetooth and enjoy beautiful online music playback, which makes your exercise more interesting.

The hydraulic folding system allows you to fold easily and avoid severe impact to the floor due to severe collisions. Advanced shock absorption system can protect knees, ankles, waist and other joints during exercise. 3.25HP and brushless motor.

Stainless steel gear and brushless motor provide you with enough power, the maximum operating speed can reach 9MPH while minimizing the noise. Multifunctional Massage Head & Customized Training. The treadmill comes with 12 exercise programs.

You can adjust your personal exercise plan at any time according to your habits. Mountaineering can be simulated by adjusting the inclination. You can experience different modes, such as running, sit-ups, waist, leg, hip exercises and other fat burning exercises, mountaineering training, etc. Exercise each joint of your body and experience the fun of running. SYTIRY uses a newly upgraded program that can track your exercise data in real time.

A professional heart rate measuring instrument allows you to exercise more scientifically, enjoy a healthy life, and easily get a perfect body. Our treadmill is equipped with an upgraded program, and you can set up an exclusive training plan through the program.

TWO Types of Tilt Modes. Set two two manual tilt modes, so that every exercise is different, and you can easily get a good figure. SYTIRY Multifunctional Treadmill Parts Information. SYTIRY-Bottom Frame and Stainless Steel Bracket Make Your Exercise Safer. The treadmill adopts an upgraded forging process, and the steel is more durable.

This will enable your treadmill to load up to 300 pounds, which can meet the needs of most people. After the bottom frame is upgraded, your treadmill will get enough grip to ensure your sports safety. Sytiry treadmill is equipped with exercise data monitoring system, which can display your exercise time, speed, calories and distance on the display, allowing you to understand your situation at a glance, and adjust your exercise plan at any time, easily Get a good figure. Provide you with powerful power, the speed can be adjusted from 0.5MHP to 9MHP, to meet all your running needs, let you have a different experience every time you run, and make your exercise full of fun. At the same time, the brushless motor makes you quieter when running and reduces noise. The massage head provides a variety of different exercise modes, which will allow your treadmill to massage the waist and legs and relieve fatigue. Let you experience the diversity of sports, and the comfortable belt makes your exercise easier. Anti-slip & shock-absorbing running belt. The treadmill is equipped with an ultra-wide anti-slip running belt, which will protect your running safety.

The 44"16" running belt will provide you with enough space for exercise. The shock absorption system will protect your knees, ankles, The waist and other joints and muscles provide sufficient cushioning to make your exercise safer. Mini Dumbbells & Enjoyable Exercise. The treadmill is equipped with mini dumbbells.

You can train with dumbbells while running. This will make your exercise more interesting.

You can also use dumbbells as toys for your children. Everything depends on your idea. Speed Adjustment Button & Heart Rate Sensor. You can easily set the speed to the desired speed, and the heart rate sensor can also upload your heart rate exercise data to the LCD screen, adjust the speed and monitor your exercise data, and adjust the exercise plan in time to get a good figure. Water Cup Slot and Safety Lock. You can drink water to rest between exercises. The emergency stop device and the non-slip edge of the running belt can escort your sports. You can stop at any time, which will make your running more assured. Just hook your feet to the massage stick, you can perform sit-ups, burn more calories, choose SYTIRY, experience the diversity of sports, and enjoy the joy of sports. Transport wheels make your treadmill easy to transport. You can fold the treadmill and store it in the bedroom, living room and gym, so you can exercise at any time. Our designers have upgraded the transport wheel, which will be more durable and the unique design in line with human dynamics allows You move more easily. Magnetic Safety Lock & Easy Lubrication. The emergency stop device will be responsible for your exercise safety. You can stop at any time while running. The semi-automatic lubrication system makes it easy for you to lubricate. Please follow the instructions to lubricate the treadmill to keep the running belt from Wear, turn on the red button switch when you want to start.

You can get different sports slopes through the adjustment of the manual tilt mode, which will allow you to simulate the experience of mountaineering. You will get different happiness when you exercise on the SYTIRY treadmill, not just multi-functional running. It is also a massage machine and a mountaineering training machine. Easy to Adjust Running Belt.

The treadmill accessory kit includes a running belt adjustment lever. Therefore, you do not need to sound an alarm when the treadmill is running occasionally when there is an abnormal squeak. The running belt may be deviated.

You only need to adjust the walking belt according to the instructions to return to normal. SYTIRY Multifunctional Treadmill-The Choice of Most People. SYTIRY is a Brand Focused on Customer Demand. Design purpose: Enjoying the healthy life brought about by sports is what we always respect. Our designer designed SYTIRY in 2021, so that more people can experience the charm of running and fall in love with sports!

Speed: 0.5 to 9 mph. Unfolded Size: 58.26" x 26.77" x49.22.

Folded Size: 58.08" x 26.37" x38.58. 1x Treadmill (with accessories and tools). 1x User Manual (With installation video). We ONLY accept the return for original package. Please make sure that item has NO man-made sabotage. Used items will not be accepted for return. You bought wrong model or wrong color.

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  • Usage: Commercial Use
  • Maximum Speed: 8 mph
  • Model: 2021
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Maximum User Weight: 200 - 300 lb
  • Material: Metal
  • Sport/Activity: Gym & Training
  • Model Year: 2021
  • Type: Electric
  • Features: Bottle Holder
  • Color: Silver/Black/Gray
  • MPN: Does not apply
  • Measurement Provided: Calories
  • Brand: Famous Brand
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 Months
  • Programs: Fat Burning
  • Resistance: Electronic

3.25HP Folding Electric Treadmill Under Desk 2.25HP Wide Walking Running Machine